Quality & safety

Safety First

«Quality, health and safety are our top priorities.»

Our key objective is to improve ‘health (H), safety (S), environment (E) and quality (Q)’ to the extent that the number and severity of incidents and accidents are reduced as low as reasonably practicable.

Our prevention strategy, Safety First, helps us all make sure we do the right thing safely. This includes understanding and following the correct behaviours, which helps reinforce our safety culture. To this end, we have set out all the relevant processes and standards in our management systems, based on international norms.



We are uncompromising when it comes to the health and safety of our customers, guests and employees. After all, we are responsible for the impact that our business activities have on the world around us. That’s why our parent company, Compass Group plc, has defined a series of guidelines to ensure the highest standards of food safety around the world. These are consistently implemented at all our locations.

ISO certification

Our commitment to quality, the environment and safety in our daily work is evidenced by our ISO certifications:

-        ISO 9001 Quality management

-        ISO 14001 Environmental management

-        ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management

Coronavirus pandemic prevention wash hands with soap warm water and , rubbing nails and fingers washing frequently or using hand sanitizer gel.