Future-oriented nutrition concepts

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When planning menus, we consider the role that they may play in building a sustainable future. To ensure the well-being of our guests and the planet, our focus is therefore on plant-based nutrition. Our umbrella brand, ‘The Green Choice’, increases the visibility of sustainable, environmentally friendly menus.

Eat (eco)logically

Compass Group advocates for a reduction in CO2 emissions via its long-term partnership with ‘eaternity’. That is why we developed our ‘eat (eco)logically’ menu line and why we serve an environmentally friendly menu at least once a week in all our restaurants throughout Switzerland. This menu results in approx. 50% less CO2 emissions on average compared to a conventional menu.

Serving just three environmentally friendly menus per week allows us to save one tonne of CO2 every year. This is the equivalent of a car journey from North Cape, Norway to Lisbon, Portugal.


Sustainability Eat Ecologically
Sustainability Plant Based

Plant-based food

We want to work towards a sustainable future and ensure the well-being of our guests and the planet, which is why we focus on plant-based nutrition. We offer our guests creative, authentic and delicious plant-based dishes that take the focus off animal proteins, leaving them to take on the role of side dish.

In addition to our vegetarian menu line, once a week we include a meat-free alternative in our restaurants’ set menu. We would like half of the meals we sell to be plant-based by 2025.

Balanced Choice

In collaboration with the Swiss Nutrition Association, we developed ‘Balanced Choice’ – a concept that categorises dishes according to their balance in terms of nutritional components (calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc.). This classification system allows guests to identify meals that are particularly balanced.

After all, balanced, delicious dishes form part of a healthy lifestyle, supply the body with energy, essential nutrients and fibre, and promote physical well-being.

Sustainability Balanced Choice