Compass Group Catering

Your event is our passion.

Whether it’s an aperitif with a small circle of guests, a gala dinner or a mega event – we have the ideas, the locations, the personnel and, above all, the culinary delights to make every occasion an unforgettable experience. We promise there won’t be any surprises – except the culinary ones. With years of expertise and a passion for fresh, creative cuisine, our services outshine any preconceived notions of catering.

Event catering

Our employees are just as special as our guests at these events and make a lasting impression with their confident manner, absolute discretion and great sensitivity. After all, you want to enjoy the imaginative treats our kitchen has to offer in peace. We are, of course, happy to cater to individual tastes and wishes. However high your expectations, we are confident we can exceed them.

Waiter carrying plates with meat dish on some festive event, party or wedding reception
Pavé De Poisson Sur Lit De Légumes

VIP catering

Anyone looking to make a big impression with big events will find it easy with Compass Group Catering. We provide the necessary experience, the right employees and suitable facilities. This ensures that all the guests feel as special as our customers intend, whether it’s a private party, a corporate function or a sports event.

The ideal location

Whether in your company, at your home, outside, in a designer bar or an event hall, we will craft a bespoke catering solution for you.

Should you look for a venue we can suggest a variety of event locations such as Horse-Park in Dielsdorf, Rennverein Frauenfeld, Balsberg our own event location or Cube.

VIP-Catering CSIO

The Arabian Nights

This oriental celebration makes the fairy tale, 1001 nights, come true. Immerse yourself in a dream, making you travel to far away lands, through the use of colorful textiles, oriental musique and scents.

Enjoy an oriental meal and awaken feelings from another world.

Any special wishes?

Opulent menus, wild hors d’oeuvres, sparkling champagne, captivating canapés, spicy barbecues, hot punch, sophisticated fruit platters, exotic snacks – we can provide (virtually) anything for our customers and guests.

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