Our responsibility

360-degree thinking

Acting responsibly means thinking beyond economic success. So when it comes to sustainability, we adopt an all-embracing approach that includes ecological, social and economic aspects, focusing on a healthy diet, sustainable sourcing, protecting the environment and supporting our employees.

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Healthy diet

As one of the leading caterers in Switzerland, we feed over 100,000 guests each day. This offers us a huge opportunity to have a positive effect on people’s eating habits. Using various initiatives and informative offers, we not only put healthy food on plates but also get people thinking about healthy food.


Sustainable sourcing

Our operations in Switzerland use significant quantities of vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products every year. So it’s important to source these products responsibility. In selecting our suppliers, we attach great importance to sustainable cultivation and farming methods. We also focus on compliance with biodiversity recommendations, green logistics processes and fair conditions.

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Protecting the environment

Our planet’s resources are not infinite. Because we use them commercially, it is all the more important that we are committed to conserving resources. Our aim in everything we do is to minimise the impact on ecosystems, biodiversity and the climate. We regularly assess our performance in this area to discover where there is still room for improvement.

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Supporting our employees

If you want to achieve anything, you need motivated employees. That’s why we offer our staff fair working conditions, personalised further development options and a range of career opportunities. We also provide regular sustainability-themed training sessions and workshops to encourage awareness of the issue within the Compass Group.

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