Our responsibility

360-degree thinking

«We take responsibility for your employees and ours by prioritising sustainability, quality and safety always.»

Only businesses that link economic success to responsible behaviour will prosper in the long term. Responsibility is a big word that we take very seriously. On behalf of our guests, our clients and our own employees. But also on behalf of the environment and the society in which we live.


Sustainability is one of the key societal themes of our times. As a global caterer, by conducting our business sustainably, we make a major contribution to the environment and to future generations.


Quality and safety

‘Safety first’ is firmly rooted in our culture and we give our all to ensuring the well-being of our guests and employees. By adopting the right measures and behaving appropriately, we can reduce accidents and work together safely every day.

Chefkoch in der Küche mit Frischem Gemüse(Tomaten)

Employee development

Motivated employees are our recipe for success, because they can only help us achieve our goals when each and every individual is inspired to make their own contribution. That’s why the personal development of every individual is a priority for us and why we offer training and development options, as well as diverse career opportunities.

smiling handsome chef showing okay gesture at restaurant kitchen