Behaving responsibly

«Our comprehensive sustainability concept comprises environmental, social and economic components that make a significant contribution to society.»

All of our decisions in all areas are informed by a desire to adhere to our three principles of sustainability: health and well-being, climate and environmental protection, and better for the world.

Health and well-being:

What we eat and drink has a direct effect on our health and well-being. That’s why we actively develop and promote healthy menu options, so that our guests and employees can lead healthy, happy and productive lives.

Climate and environmental protection:

As a leading global caterer, we focus on those areas in which we can exert the most influence in terms of climate protection. Our global aim is to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

Better for the world:

Every year, we serve 5.5 billion meals around the world, which means we can have a far-reaching impact on the way in which food is produced and moves through the supply chain, and enhance people’s lives through our catering establishments.

Too Good To Go

Together with the Danish organisation Too Good To Go and using the app of the same name, we’re combating food waste. Throwing food away just isn’t an option any more. With ‘Too Good To Go’, everyone can do their bit. Users of the app can see which businesses in their locality have food left over, reserve it at a reduced price and then go pick up their surprise package. This enables valuable food to be resold and everyone’s a winner: the business, the guests and the environment.

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WAW Brand

We are a Waste Warrior Brand and thus a member of an association of companies initiated by Too Good To Go Switzerland, who fight together against food waste. In collaboration with Too Good To Go
we continuously raise awareness among our employees, customers and guests about food waste and take a variety of measures to combat it.

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As a partner in the reCIRCLE network, we use environmentally friendly reusable food containers in our restaurants. Food can therefore be easily taken away and consumed on the go, without burdening the environment with takeaway packaging waste.

growing organic food female farmer harvesting fresh vegetables from garden, beetroot, carrots, potatoes

United Against Waste

The Compass Group is a founder member of the ‘United Against Waste’ initiative, which works towards reducing food waste in catering.

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Our early embrace of not just sustainability but also measuring it has led us to work, since 2017, as a pioneer with ‘Eaternity’, advocating for a reduction in CO2 emissions. Together with our partners, our goal is to offer a sustainable choice of food in every restaurant. The result will be fewer global emissions in the long term thanks to basic interventions.