Rapport Guest Services

Rapport Guest Services

Every Guest experience should be unique


Rapport Guest Services is the new Brand of Compass Group (Schweiz) AG and specializes on a full range of fully managed front and back of house guest services including

The Brand was set up to provide a personal, intuitive service (rather than speaking about ‘5-star’ or ‘7-star’ service).

We position ourselves as a standout guest service provider by anticipating guest needs, and by personalizing all interactions to tailor each guest experience, rather than a service with a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

When guests speak about the brilliant service they receive, it reflects positively on you and your clients. Your clients benefit from a bespoke service, each one different, and designed to best match your and their specific requirements.

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What is Rapport?

We pride ourselves on anticipating your guests’ every need, whilst tailoring our service to your culture and values.

We’re passionate about our work and don’t do this as a 9 to 5 job. We do it because we love it.

But it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it for you

We make your guests feel special by creating unique experiences that will keep you front of mind long after they have left.

We design each of your guests’ experiences to be unique. It happens because we set aspirational standards for everything they see, touch, taste and hear. This could even be down to the unique scent we can create for your reception area.

"All Rapport ambassadors are coached through our award-winning training, which provides us with unique skills and crucially, the empowerment to respond to your guests’ individual needs – whatever they may be. "

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Repairing a loose button…

As I took a coat from my guest and gave them a cloakroom tag number in return, I noticed that one of the buttons was loose.

Without saying anything, I decided to sew it back on while he was in a meeting.

Noticing it on his way home, he sent an email of thanks to the Chairman.



You only get one chance to make a brilliant first impression.

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Andrea Corrado
Head of Guest Services
Rapport - Switzerland


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Rapport's success is due to our exceptional ambassadors and the Rapport Training Academy for personal growth and career development. Shape your future as part of our team.

Start your rewarding career with us.