The way to Net Zero

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«Our comprehensive sustainability strategy comprises comprises environmental, social and economic components that make a significant contribution to society.»

Being the first international provider of corporate catering, we have committed on a global level to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint in our operations and all supply chains by 2050 (Scope 1-3). We aim to achieve (our goal of) climate neutrality in our own operations (Scope 1 & 2) as early as 2030.

Scope 1 includes the direct release of climate-damaging gases within the own company.
Scope 2 includes the indirect release of climate-damaging gases from energy                                        consumption.
Scope 3 includes the indirect release of climate-damaging gases in the supply chain.

This commitment includes the following objectives:

  • Switch to a 100% electric vehicle fleet
  • Renewable energies in all business areas
  • Minimise and off-set the carbon footprint by integrating an increased proportion of plant-based proteins in our menu offers and using more local and seasonal products
  • Priority procurement of products from sustainable cultivation
  • Avoiding single-use plastic by using alternative packaging solutions
  • Reduction of food waste by 50%
  • Investment in carbon compensation and neutralisation projects, such as initiatives for reforestation, biodiversity, drinking water as well as land and water protection
  • End forest clearing throughout the supply chain

Apart from our commitment to emissions reduction within our own company, we use our influence and reach to work with our customers, suppliers, partners, and internal stakeholders to reduce direct carbon emissions and make the global food supply system more sustainable for everyone.