Schools and universities

‘We want children, adolescents and young adults to make the most of their potential and enjoy their lives.’

Scolarest, the professional partner for catering services in the education sector, exists because children, adolescents and young adults are very particular about their food. We specialise in catering for every age group in the education sector and we see it as our mission to develop both child-friendly meals and attractive forms of presentation that will wow pupils and also get top marks from parents and schools.

Our added value

Working closely with the teaching staff, parents and, above all, pupils and students, our experts develop catering menus that represent added value for everyone. We take into account the latest trends and offer a diverse range of dishes, suitable for every age group.

Gesunde Verpflegung für Ihre Kinder.

Our commitment

Whether we’re providing breakfast, a warm midday meal or a light snack in the afternoon or during exams, we are there for children, adolescents and young adults throughout their day – with an age-appropriate, balanced and varied menu that is healthy and fun.