Who we are

Bringing people together through food

«We know that our passion for modern, contemporary cooking and our unrivalled hospitality brings people together.»

As part of Compass Group plc – the world’s largest catering company with ca. 480,000 employees in 44 countries – communal catering is our core competence. We see it as our responsibility to offer our clients and guests a personalised service that is tailored to their individual requirements. We also give them the benefit of our extensive national and international experience. ‘Good for your employees, good for you’ is our motto for ensuring an exceptional guest experience.

We’re well known for:

  • Our modern interpretation of cuisine
  • Our highly qualified employees
  • Service that’s always personal

Our values:

Openness, trust and integrity form the basis of our work together. We are united by our passion for quality and driven by the positive ‘can-do’ attitude that runs deep in all of us. By each of us taking on responsibility as individual employees, we can succeed as a team.


Compass Group (Schweiz) AG senior management

Compass Group Schweiz Geschäftsleitung

Ricky Hipp

Finance Director

«By making the right investments, we pave the way to a successful future. That’s why we invest in our employees.»

Sandra Marena

Business Development Director

«Our guests’ expectations are changing more quickly than ever. To continue bringing people together through food, we need to come up with customised and creative concepts.»

Thomas Truttmann

Managing Director

«A personal and exceptional connection to our clients, guests, partners and employees is what sets the Compass Group apart.»