Who we are

Your partner in all things culinary.

‘When your focus is on your customers, everything else almost takes care of itself: top quality, superlative service, fresh ideas.’

Our passion for catering began decades ago. While the roots of our British parent company can be traced back to 1941, our Eurest brand has also been setting trends in the Swiss business and industry sector for over 40 years.

Today, we are represented in Switzerland by other brands alongside Eurest: Scolarest for the educational sector, Medirest for the healthcare sector and Compass Group Catering for special events. We also offer comprehensive facility management services through our Eurest Services brand.

Our promise

You can taste the attention to detail in our food. Because our standards are your standards: the finest quality, the best service, fresh ideas.

To ensure that we meet these standards, all of us at Compass Group Switzerland are committed to offering top-class service in the most efficient way possible, to the benefit of everyone – our customers, our guests and our employees.


Business & Industry

For us, corporate catering is about boosting energy reserves, creating a feel-good factor, providing variety – it’s much more than serving good food.

Grill Spieße



We want children, adolescents and young adults to make the most of their potential and enjoy their lives.

Healthy bowl with roasted chicken and quinoa. Balanced lunch bowl. Top view



Retirement homes, care centres and clinics are a special domain. We do everything in our power to ensure that people can also enjoy life here.



Guest Services

We position ourselves as a standout guest service provider by anticipating guest needs, and by personalizing all interactions to tailor each guest experience, rather than a service with a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

canape on the holiday table

Compass Group Catering

The catering professional

Whether it’s an aperitif with a small circle of guests, a gala dinner or a mega event – we have the ideas, the locations, the personnel and, above all, the culinary delights to make every occasion an unforgettable experience.